Top 7 Businesses to Invest in 2017’s Australia

Top 7 Businesses to Invest in 2017’s Australia

Top 7 Businesses to Invest in 2017’s Australia

There are a lot of successful businesses in Australia. This means that if you are looking for a good investment, you have plenty of options at your disposal. On this page, we are going to look at what we feel will be seven of the best investments for you to make in Australia in 2017. Bear in mind that we are not psychic. We can’t 100% predict the way in which these businesses are going to go, so do make sure that you do a bit more research than this when you are looking to invest! We are going to assume that you are looking to buy shares in the company.

Catapult Group

This is one of the leading providers of wearable technology in the world. Not only do they provide consumer products, but you will also find a lot of their tracking equipment found in various sport centres and the like. In fact, professional athletes prefer Catapult Group products

This company has gone from strength to strength, recently gaining millions of dollars in investment. As the wearable technology market continues to perform well, we are confident that Catapult Group would be a good investment for you.

This is a cloud service company. It went through a lot of growth at the tail end of 2015. This is because it was able to secure a lot of contracts around the world. This growth continued throughout 2016. There is absolutely no reason to doubt that this is going to continue throughout 2017. seems to be picking up contracts from everywhere. This is a safe bet.


This is the final technology investment we want to highlight. Bulletproof is another cloud service company that has gone through a period of rapid growth. We are confident that this growth will continue too, since more businesses than ever are looking to get set up cloud-based systems. One of the reasons why we love Bulletproof as an investment is because this is a company that knows what it is doing. Many of the contracts that it has been able to score are long-term contracts. This means that they have a stable income for the foreseeable future. Basically, this is not a company which you are going to see crash and burn any time soon. From what we can tell, their value is only going to go up. This is what you want in a business!

Alkane Resources

Investing in gold companies is always a safe bet. We recommend that you go for Alkane Resources. This is a company which reached a massive high in 2016 when it came to value. In fact, it rose incredibly quickly. While it seems to have tailed off a little bit, all it takes is a couple of contracts or a new discovery and that value is going to shoot up again. This is a good investment as it is so cheap right now!

Woodside Petroleum

It is always a bit difficult knowing whether you should invest in the energy sector or not. After all, it is going through a period of rapid change and a company needs to adapt. We think that Woodside Petroleum should be a safe bet. It has gained a lot of value over the last year. This is because they currently have large resources of gas and oil at their disposal. They have very little debt too. If there is an upturn in the market, then Woodside Petroleum are going to seize that opportunity. We reckon this is a safe bet for 2017. If the value of your share does fall, we can’t imagine it falling that drastically.


This is a packaging company. It does not sound too glamorous, but do you really need your investments to be glamorous? No. You want them to be worth money. We have every confidence that your Amcor investment will be worth money. They have secured a lot of contracts to produce packaging in recent years, and they show no sign of slowing down in that department either. If companies have goods to sell, they are going to need to have packaging for those goods. Amcor is in a brilliant position right now!

Sydney Airport

Yes. Invest in Sydney airport. The Australian Dollar is not worth a lot now. It is probably not going to recover any time soon. This means that many tourists are heading to our fine shores, spending cash. Many of them are going to come through Sydney Airport. It is likely that the number of people heading to the airport will rise even further shortly. It is predicted that the number of people heading to the airport will double between now and 2020. There is a lot of money that can be made here!